Your first pet is a big deal, to experience being a pet owner and having another living creature as your responsibility, baby, and also a best friend is going to be something that you will never forget. Here are some reasons why you should choose Syrian hamster.

Starting Small

a hamsterWhether you have never owned a pet before, or you are thinking to your loved ones their first pet, you do not want to get something that is the size of a Great Dane to a first-time pet owner. As a Syrian Hamster, it is slightly bigger than a Dwarf, and the size is perfect for anyone to practice their confidence in interacting with an animal. It will also take away smaller space to live compared to a dog, cat, or a bird.

Short Lifespan

Taking in an animal without knowing their lifespan is a huge responsibility that you might later regret if you make a wrong decision. There are a lot of cases where the owner gets too old to take care of an animal, or a young person has a sudden change in their lifespan that would make it impossible to have a pet. And the lifespan of Syrian Hamsters makes them a great pet because their life expectancy is considered very low compared to other domestic pets (2-3.5 years).

Make sure that the animal’s life that you choose is not going to clash with any of your plans that will significantly change your life. Make sure that you can commit yourself to take care of your pet until their last breath. Remember that even though your pet can be a small part of your life, you are their whole life.

Relatively Easy Maintenance

No pet can come with no maintenance at all, so you should expect that you will deal with a lot of cleaning, grooming, and feeding. But for your first time, it is better to look for a pet that is relatively easy to take care. With a hamster, that is nothing much that you have to do besides from giving them food, fill in the water bottle every week, and spot cleaning the cage while changing the substrate every month.

Awesome Personality

Cute HamsterThe reason why you should get Syrian hamster instead of dwarf is that taming a Syrian is easier. They are also notorious for getting close to their owner, and you will have a great time bonding with them. No one expects for a small critter to have such a funny or unique personality, and falling in love with your first pet has never been easier.